Monitor Risers

imovr fly deck monitor riser in solid wood

Monitor risers exemplify an issue that’s prevalent with office fitness gear: The names can be confusing. Is a monitor riser the same thing as a monitor riser stand, a monitor stand or a monitor shelf? For clarity’s sake, we’re talking about an accessory like the in the photo above.

In its simplest form, a monitor riser is a shelf that you put on top of your desk. Moving beyond the simplest form, monitor risers can be large or small, have shelves or drawers, have USB ports for charging devices, or even adjust in height.

Monitor risers help you with storage issues and might help you get into a more ergonomic position while standing.

UpLift Desk Monitor Riser

The Best Monitor Risers

Monitor risers are a key accessory for both standard and adjustable-height desks because they help with storage and ergonomics.

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iMovR Fly Deck

iMovR Fly Deck Monitor Riser Review

The iMovR Fly Deck is better than competing monitor risers in every way, outside of a few niche situations, but it has the price to match.

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Office Oasis Monitor Riser

Office Oasis Monitor Riser Review

The Office Oasis Monitor Riser costs $69.95. At 42" long, it is very large and has a 100-lb weight capacity, meaning it can easily hold multiple monitors.

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Amazon Basics Adjustable Monitor Riser

Amazon Basics Adjustable Monitor Riser Review

The Amazon Basics Adjustable Monitor Riser costs $22.49. It has three different height settings, up to 4.9" tall. It supports 22 lbs.

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FlexiSpot MonitorStand

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation Review

The FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation starts at $69.99 and comes with a large, partitioned drawer to give you more storage at your desk.

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UpLift Desk Monitor Riser

UpLift Desk Monitor Riser Review

The UpLift Desk Monitor Riser starts at $79 and comes in two sizes. The risers come in four different colors, black, white, gray and industrial style.

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Fully Monitor Riser

Jarvis Monitor Riser Review

The Jarvis Monitor Riser starts at $139 and comes in two sizes, 27" and 36". It is designed to match other Fully bamboo desktops.

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