Top Foot Rest Reviews

A perfect footrest can help prevent blood pooling in the legs, improve circulation, and make your chair more comfortable, but is it any use with a standing desk? Read through our footrest reviews to see which one is the best for both sitting and standing.

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imovr foot_rest

iMovR Foot Rest For Standing Desks

iMovR is expanding its product lineup. Their affordable foot rest makes for a perfect addition to any sitting or standing desk. Offering four tilt angles, it accommodates different heights and allows for gentle calf stretching. Light weight and foldable legs makes it easily port…

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Humanscale footrest

Humanscale FM500 Foot Machine Footrest Product Review

We love having this Humanscale footrest around; it's one of the most borrowed items around the testing lab. It’s attractive, slender, and it feels amazing. Yes, we know we’re describing it in romantic terms, and no, we’re not embarrassed about that.

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Humanscale FM300 Foot Rocker

Humanscale FM300 Foot Rocker Review

Humanscale FM300 is a better version of the first foot rocker in the brand's lineup. Its sturdy steel frame is especially notable in comparison to the tubular base in FM100. Though it has its drawbacks and design flaws, the sole massager version of this foot rocker provides the b…

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Humanscale FM100 Foot Rocker

Humanscale FM100 Foot Rocker Review

From the first glance, this is probably the weakest of Humanscale foot machines. Its tubular steel frame appears suspect, which is evidenced by few negative user reviews. It’s in the same price range as the rest of Humanscale’s foot rocker lineup, but we are in doubt about the un…

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Desk Jockey Office Footrest

Desk Jockey Office Footrest Review

Desk Jockey Office Footrest is unusual. Made of therapeutic grade memory foam, it brings additional comfort to wherever you're using it. The same quality that gives the product its cushy softness is also its downside, as the cushion has a tendency to compress over time.

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HOVR Under Desk Foot Swing Review

Do you see a footrest as nothing more than a comfort-enhancing sitting enabler? There is a product that can help you increase your physical activity throughout the day even as you sit. HOVR, an under desk leg swing, designed by a personal trainer and a physician, allows for a fre…

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