Birch Standing Desks

Birch standing desk imovr captains desk

Best Birch Standing Desk and Converter Reviews

Everything you need to in order to pick the best birch standing desk, including quality grades and why Baltic birch is the superior option.

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IKEA Knotten standing desk

IKEA Knotten Standing Desk Review

The IKEA Knotten is great at what it is: A piece of furniture designed for storage in a foyer. The issue is when IKEA calls it a standing desk.

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Floyd Birch Standing Desk Review

Floyd Standing Desk Review

Unspectacular in every way, this Floyd birch standing desk is just a "filler" product in their line of home furnishings.

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StandUpDeskStore dual motor desk shown with walnut solid wood desktop

StandUpDeskStore Dual Motor Standing Desk Review

The StandUpDeskStore Dual Motor Standing Desk has a decent frame and offers solid wood at a price point you don't normally see. But there are drawbacks.

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