Ultra-thin Office Treadmill versaDesk review

Versadesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill Review

The Versadesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill is the new bottom-of-the-pile choice in office treadmills, from a company with questionable marketing practices.

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kingsmith walkingpad a1 foldable under desk walking treadmill

Xiaomi/Kingsmith/Versadesk WalkingPad Under Desk Treadmill Review

The WalkingPad A1 Foldable Under Desk Treadmill is the worst abomination of an office treadmill we have ever seen. And the most inconvenient way to set $600 on fire.

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Versadesk Power Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter

Versadesk Power Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Like its relative, the Versadesk Power Pro, the Power Pro Corner looks good from a glance but has issues that detract from the overall impression.

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Versadesk sunrise electric desk riser

Versadesk Sunrise Electric Desk Riser Review

The Versadesk Sunrise Desk Riser is inbound from Versadesk for a full lab test review. The Sunrise has electric powered height adjustment.

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Versdesk PowerLift Sit Standing Desk

Versadesk PowerLift Standing Desk Review

The Versadesk PowerLift Sit Stand Desk review is coming soon. The desk features a programmable digital display and a 350-lb lifting capacity.

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