Treadmill Desk UpTown

iMovR UpTown Treadmill Desk Review

The UpTown has two exclusive hallmarks of its own: 1) it is the quietest electric desk in the market today, at under 41 dB, and 2) it is the most configurable desk in the world, with no less than nine tabletop sizes, in eleven standard colors. Like all iMovR desks, its tabletop i…

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Uprise Adjustable-Height Stand Up Desk

Uprise Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk Review

The Uprise stand up desk has some notable drawbacks, but it’s still a smart buy for anyone shopping for a lower-cost electric desk.

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UpTown Adjustable Height Desk is a Great Value

iMovR ThermoDesk UpTown Adjustable Height Desk Review

iMovR's newest adjustable height desk entry in the mid-tier range, the Uptown is an impeccable marriage between cost and quality. With a digital programmable controller and an unprecedented array of customization options – including two table top thicknesses, five tabletop sizes,…

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