Treadmill Desk DIY

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base

We Lab Test The Best Standing Desk Bases

We compare the different electric adjustable height desk bases available for building your very own DIY standing desk or treadmill desk workstation.

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Submerged Treadmill

5 Common Pitfalls of DIY Treadmill Desk Construction

Is a homemade treadmill desk thrifty or just flat out dangerous? That choice lies with the constructor; check through our list of common DIY errors.

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Treadmill Desk Check List

Other considerations when setting up your DIY treadmill desk

DIY treadmill desk builders need to keep in mind vibration and noise isolation, ergonomics of keyboards, mice and trackballs, static electricity and more.

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Treadmill powertrains

Treadmill powertrains – is your treadmill’s drive system sufficiently powered?

Treadmill weight limits or weight ratings are almost meaningless when being used " in a walking desk application. Here's how to really evaluate them.

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Cable management for standing desks

DIY Cable Management for Standing Desks

Cable spaghetti can be a nightmare for standing and walking workers. Follow these tips to straighten up the cables at your workstation.

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