Treadmill Desk DIY

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base Frame

Planning to build a sit-to-stand desk or treadmill desk with your own desktop lumber? There are some great options available. We'll take you through the pluses and minuses of each model. Understandably, DIY'ers are always looking to find the lowest cost option for any components …

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Submerged Treadmill

5 Common Pitfalls of DIY Treadmill Desk Construction

We've seen our share of ingeniously hacked out standing and treadmill desks, but for each of those we've also seen five or ten ramshackle ergonomic deathtraps. For the sake of safety and sanity, we usually recommend buying dedicated equipment to all but the handiest of deskers; h…

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Cable Tangle

Taming of the Snarl: A Primer on Cable Management for Standing Desks

Relax, a swarm of snakes has not spontaneously decided to attack your desk. Nor has a forest of exceptionally flexible bamboo sprung up around its legs – no, fellow deskers, what you’re seeing is a workstation in dire need of some cable management.

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Treadmill Desk Check List

Other considerations when setting up your DIY treadmill desk

Most desks being promoted for use with treadmills are engineered to resist shaking too much when your swaying body makes contact with the desk.

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Treadmill powertrains

Treadmill powertrains – is your treadmill’s drive system sufficiently powered?

When it comes to real office treadmills like the iMovR ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill Review you'll find that peak torque performance is at the top design speed of the treadmill AND that the motors are very high-powered (3.0 HP is an appropriate size). The top speed of a real of…

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