treadmill base


UMAY Portable Under Desk Treadmill Base Review

The UMAY Portable Under Desk Treadmill Base costs $339.99, has a weight capacity of 198 lbs and a running platform of 43.3" x 16.1".

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Ultra-thin Office Treadmill versaDesk review

Versadesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill Review

The Versadesk Ultra-Thin Office Treadmill is the new bottom-of-the-pile choice in office treadmills, from a company with questionable marketing practices.

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sunny health and fitness walking treadmill

Sunny Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill Base Review

This under desk treadmill from Sunny Health and Fitness has a compact design and a low cost to keep walking while you work at a standing desk.

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