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company paid treadmill desk

How to Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Treadmill Desk

Until relatively recently, treadmill desks were so “on the fringe” that workers who wanted them often paid for them out of their own pocket. Getting permission to bring one into the office was difficult enough, presuming they even had the space to install one in their office (or …

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celebrities using treadmill desks

Who Are the Most Famous Treadmill Desk Users?

Jimmy Kimmel, Late Show Host Victoria Beckham, Fashion Designer & Style Icon Spencer Rascoff, CEO Zillow Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine Al Roker, NBC Weatherman Susan Orlean, New Yorker Staff Writer Veronica Roth, Author Felicia Day, Actress & S…

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Summer Johnson Mcgee

The Faculty Treadmill

Our newest Water Cooler post comes via Summer McGee and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read on for Summer's desking experiences.

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Thrillionth Page Cat

My First Week with My New Treadmill Desk: A Scintillating Report!

At first, I felt like I could only read and email and brainstorm while on it, not do full-blown creative writing. But the last few days, I’ve been doing lots of copywriting work on it.

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typing while walking on treadmill

Write-Walking: Notes from my Treadmill Desk

Typing while walking was no problem at all. Mouse-ing was more of a challenge. First, the mouse tends to waltz off the keyboard tray when I start typing. So I have to move it up to the desk when I’m not using it. Second, the cursor requires precise positioning on the screen which…

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