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company paid treadmill desk

How to Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Treadmill Desk

Does your job require you to spend hours hours sitting in a chair? We have ten tips for getting your employer to pay for your treadmill desk workstation.

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celebrities using treadmill desks

Who Are the Most Famous Treadmill Desk Users?

There are more and more celebrity treadmill desk users, because celebrities, like other successful people, have a hard time fighting sitting disease.

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Summer Johnson Mcgee

The Faculty Treadmill

Our newest Water Cooler post comes via Summer McGee and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read on for Summer's desking experiences.

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Thrillionth Page Cat

My First Week with My New Treadmill Desk: A Scintillating Report!

Popular romance and fantasy author Carolyn Crane writes about what she's found during her first month of treadmill desk experience.

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typing while walking on treadmill

Write-Walking: Notes from my Treadmill Desk

Typing while walking was no problem at all. Mouse-ing was more of a challenge. First, the mouse tends to waltz off the keyboard tray when I start typing. So I have to move it up to the desk when I’m not using it. Second, the cursor requires precise positioning on the screen which…

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