standing desk review

ergonofis maple alive standing desk

Top Canadian Standing Desks

A breakdown standing desk options manufactured by Canadian-based companies including Effydesk, Progressive Desk, Risedesk and Ergonofis.

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The Flexispot Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk in black waits in a light room with a small potted plant resting on top.

FlexiSpot Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk (EC9) Review

Purports to be a quick and easy desk to build, and it's super cheap - but is it really?

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SHW memory height adjustable standing desk

SHW Memory Preset Standing Desk Review

One of the cheapest options for a full electric standing desk, the SHW adjustable height desk is as basic as they come and only sells through Amazon.

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ApexDesk Elite Standing desk in office setting

ApexDesk Elite Standing Desk Review

The Elite Series is far and away ApexDesk’s top seller. This standing desk review shows the Elite standing desks are only slightly higher in quality (and price) than most other Chinese manufacturers.

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TrekDesk II

TrekDesk II Review

WorkWhileWalking's review of the TrekDesk II, the newest iteration in the TrekDesk line of desks. The TrekDesk II isn't worth the asking price.

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