iMovR 3D laminate variety

The Best Tabletops For A Standing Desk

Our experts explain how each tabletop type is manufactured, its pros and cons, and the price range you should expect to see for it.

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MultiTable Tabletops For Standing Desks

Commodity-grade tabletops for standing desk DIY or replacement

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mod-e pro electric l-shaped desk

MultiTable Mod-E Pro Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

A slap-dash entry to fill out Multitable's line of Asian-made standing desks, the Mod-E Pro L-Desk is as minimal an offering as you can find.

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ModTable Mod E Powered Stand Up Desk Review

ModTable ‘Mod-E’ Powered Stand Up Desk Review

The ModTable Mod-E Powered Stand Up Desk is a simple no-frills electric desk that takes you from sitting, to standing or walking, but is easily outpaced.

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ModTable Manual Desk

ModTable Crank-Type Stand Up Desk Review

The ModTable is a cost-effective alternative to an electric standing desk and is still a suitable for anyone looking for a desk that doesn't need an outlet.

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