iMovR 3D laminate variety

Choosing The Best Tabletop For Your Standing Desk

Our experts explain how each tabletop type is manufactured, its pros and cons, and the price range you should expect to see for it.

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mod-e pro electric l-shaped desk

MultiTable Mod-E Pro Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

A slap-dash entry to fill out Multitable's line of Asian-made standing desks, the Mod-E Pro L-Desk is as minimal an offering as you can find.

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MultiTable Tabletops For Standing Desks

Commodity-grade tabletops for standing desk DIY or replacement

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ModTable Mod E Powered Stand Up Desk Review

ModTable ‘Mod-E’ Powered Stand Up Desk Review

The ModTable Mod-E Powered Stand Up Desk is a simple no-frills electric desk that takes you from sitting, to standing or walking, but is easily outpaced.

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ModTable Manual Desk

ModTable Crank-Type Stand Up Desk Review

The ModTable is a cost-effective alternative to an electric standing desk and is still a suitable for anyone looking for a desk that doesn't need an outlet.

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