fluidstance deck

The Level Balance Board

Top Balance Board Reviews

We reviewed all the popular balance boards on the market to find the best standing desk balance board in terms of quality, functionality and price.

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Fluidstance Plane with a speckled top deck

FluidStance’s The Plane Balance Board Review

Just like the other products in the brand’s collection, The Plane comes with an arching base that allows the board to pivot, lending it omnidirectional movement. Built with a slightly smaller deck, it is marketed as a ‘similar ride in a tighter eco-friendly package’.

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FluidStance The Level Balance Board Review

FluidStance The Level is the coolest-looking balance board you’ll ever own. It’ll look just as stylish leaned against the wall as resting under your feet.

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Man standing on FluidStance The Original, balance board for standing desk

How to Choose a Balance Board for Your Standing Desk

With the abundance of choice on the market, which would be the best balance board for a standing desk? Here we discuss how different balance boards compare in terms of size, price, and difficulty as well as provide you with the factors you want to consider before making a choice.…

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