ergonomic chairs

iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool Review

With similar ergonomic adjustability as the TreadTop Chair (only lacking a full-sized back rest), the Stool offers surprisingly good comfort—whether used as a seat, or as a standing “perch”—and is ideal for office workers looking for a portable seat they can move from the cubicle…

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CoreChair Active Ergonomic Chair Review

In the world of active sitting, the CoreChair stands out by doing what the exercise ball never could: offer your core muscles a break. If you’ve used an exercise ball in the past only to ditch it after a short time, or are considering using one in the future, we recommend looking…

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Top Ergonomic chairs

Top Ergonomic Chair Reviews

In this review we're rounding out the best ergonomic chairs that promote active sitting. There are a few types to choose from and a significant amount of extra energy to burn.

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BackApp 2.0 Chair

BackApp 2.0 Active Chair Review

In a rare case of the sequel being better than the original, Back App 2.0 raises the ergonomic and aesthetic bar set by the original while still retaining the unique, active imbalance feature that made the first chair such a hit. The new Back App has slightly pared down customiza…

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iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Navy

iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Review

At $159, the Birdi is a well-priced, lab-tested perching stool great for active workstations. The thick, high-resilient foam also makes the Birdi noticeably more comfortable than many of its leaning stool competitors. While a no-back perching stool-style may not be for everyone, …

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NEAT certification office furniture

Complete Round Up of NEAT-Certified Products

Office fitness product manufacturers often make claims that haven’t been tested or proven by any independent organization. They often tend to overestimate the fitness aspect as well. A third-party certification that provides evidence and measures how much energy one can burn on, …

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