equipment mat

Rubber Treadmill Mat

Top Anti-Static Treadmill Mats

All treadmill mats are definitely not created equal. We explain the difference between a gym equipment mat and a treadmill mat.

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Nike Grind Treadmill Mat

Nike Grind Equipment Mat Review

The Nike Grind is an equipment mat designed for gym equipment, and not quite the ideal choice for use with a treadmill desk.

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Lifespan Treadmill Mat

LifeSpan Treadmill Mat Review

Made in the USA of almost 100% recycled rubber, the LifeSpan Treadmill Mat is a solid mat in this price range as it isn't made of noxious PVC in China.

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ErgoHead Standing Desk Mat

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat Review

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat is a calculated terrain standing mat that is on the softer side. Read all about how it compares to the competition.

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