Elite Treadmill Desk + ThermoTread GT

iMovR Elite Treadmill Desk Review

The Cadillac of electric height-adjustable desks, ThermoDesk's top-of-the-line Elite model is a clean-sheet design with specific features for treadmill deskers, and can adjust to either stand-to-walk size (48" or 60") or a full sit-to-walk width (72" or 83"). Every feature imagin…

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side view image of imovr thermodesk elite standing desk

iMovR Elite Standing Desk Review

Not only is the Elite a top of the line desk for a one-man walkstation, it’s also our first choice for shared “hotdesk” style treadmill desks. Incredibly quiet motors ensure that frequent desk adjustments won’t bother coworkers. Some desks (lookin’ at you, Mod-E) sound a bit like…

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