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treadmill desk or bike desk?

Treadmill Desks vs. Desk Cycles: How They Compare

Two very popular new fitness aids, the treadmill desk and the desk cycle, have burst onto the scene in recent years, and we often get asked the question of which one is better. Both have their primary areas of benefit and their drawbacks. Let's explore.

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How to Set up an Ergonomically Proper Desk Cycle

Call them desk pedals, desk cycles, under desk pedals, or desk ellipticals. Whatever you choose, all of these devices require a little upfront effort to get properly situated for comfortable, productive, and ergonomic use at a desk. This article brings you some expert tips based …

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Best Desk Cycle Reviews

How We Conduct Desk Cycle and Bike Desk Reviews

We put each product through a lengthy review process, beginning with detailed internet research on product specifications and customer reviews, and often times ending with the product in our own labs for testing. That process is detailed in our article, Anatomy of a Review, and w…

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