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fully remi standing desk review

Fully Remi Standing Desk Review

Fully's super low-budget alternative to the Jarvis, the Remi is limited in customization options and height adjustment range.

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Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review Standing Desk

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Standing Desk Review

Autonomous eventually discontinued this product after massive quality issues, and relaunched with different components as the SmartDesk 2. 

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IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk Review

IKEA BEKANT Sit-Stand Desk Review

While its new reduced $329 price might seem alluring at first glance, its poor specs and low weight make it a weak contender in its category.

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StandDesk Review

In the category of Chinese-made desks, the StandDesk standing desk sits above the super-cheap brands but priced well below Jarvis and UpLift.

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smartdesk alternatives

What Are the Best SmartDesk Alternatives?

You love the price of the $448 SmartDesk 2 standing desk, but not the terrible reviews and lack of size and color options, so you may be asking what's a worthy budget standing desk that is going to perform well and last a long time trouble-free? Our expert reviews staff has put t…

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