WorkWhileWalking Rolls Out New Treadmill Desk Programs for Corporations and Institutions

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WorkWhileWalking Rolls Out New Treadmill Desk Programs for Corporations and Institutions


New wellness program improves employee health while slashing healthcare costs

November 4, 2013 – SEATTLE – Large enterprise employers have a new arrow in their quiver for improving employees’ health while slashing health care costs. WorkWhileWalking, the leading resource for treadmill and standing desk information and solutions, has introduced a new kind of wellness program that promises to attract employees who don’t ordinarily participate in wellness programs.

These employees can make up as much as one-third of the typical employer’s population, and coincidentally represent the bulk of the employer’s health care expense. These are the employees with the highest incidence of chronic disease such as obesity and diabetes, many of whom can be offered treadmill desks to restore movement into their otherwise sedentary jobs, bringing about dramatic improvement in their metabolic condition and chronic pain issues, while boosting their energy levels and overall productivity.

WorkWhileWalking’s unique treadmill desk programs can be the gateway these employees need to access greater levels of health, by improving their stamina and mental outlook as they gradually work their way out of a cycle of lethargy, fatigue and easy injury – without ever breaking a sweat, and while getting at least 15% more work done than when sitting in a chair all day.

WorkWhileWalking’s corporate solutions specialists work with employers’ management teams to establish wellness goals and criteria for how employees would be evaluated, equipped and properly initiated for the most successful adoption of ergonomically-tuned treadmill desks and standing desks. These plans are highly customizable to best fit each company’s unique needs, and may include an on-campus or off-site “trialing center” for prospective users to experience first-hand what it’s like to spend one to three hours a day walking while working.

“Treadmill desks are only just beginning to find their feet in most large enterprises, but usually in complete isolation from mainstream wellness programs and handled on an ad-hoc basis.” says WorkWhileWalking founder and Editor-in-Chief Ron Wiener. “We find that the vast majority of early adopters are actually fit, health-minded individuals with an active lifestyle who find themselves in sedentary jobs they know will do them in if they don’t get more movement into their workday. The big opportunity for large enterprise employers to drastically reduce their health care costs by offering treadmill desks to the unhealthiest individuals, those who shun gyms for personal reasons or workaholic pressures,” he adds.

WorkWhileWalking also offers volume purchase discounts on all top-rated brands of treadmill desk and standing desk equipment, as well as flexible lease financing options. To arrange a consultation, call WorkWhileWalking’s Corporate Solutions Department at (888) 959-0025 ext. 3 or email [email protected]

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