Opens Online Store for Treadmill Desk and Standing Desk Products

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New store combines the convenience of one-stop shopping, assurance of top-rated desks, treadmill base units and community support; also launches for standing desk reviews & news 

SEATTLE – Sept 3,, the Web’s leading destination for treadmill desk product reviews and advice, today announced the opening of its online store for treadmill and standing desk products at In contrast to general purpose shopping sites that offer a confusing array of products and limited guidance, the WorkWhileWalking store is designed to make sure that shoppers get the right equipment to fit their needs along with the support they need to be successful.

“The benefits of using a treadmill desk can be literally life changing for many people,” said Ron Wiener, Editor-in-Chief of “But those benefits are only realized when people purchase dependable equipment and learn how to configure the ergonomics properly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to have a bad experience with treadmill desking. People using our store and participating in our community will dramatically improve their odds of having a successful experience.”

The WorkWhileWalking store reflects surging interest in treadmill desks as a way for chair-bound workers who spend long hours in front of computer screens or on the phone to combat sitting disease and reap other health benefits. Using a treadmill desk has even been shown to boost productivity, according to new research published in the research journal Obesity. The office and athletic equipment industries have responded with a vast and rapidly expanding array of products, all with conflicting claims.

To help people make sense of this information overload, WorkWhileWalking offers the only online industry resource for unbiased expert reviews of all treadmill desk and standing desk products. The new store is in the unique position of carrying only the best products that have received 4- or 5-star ratings from both an expert evaluation team and from users. Product reviews fully disclose the good with the bad — as well as laboratory testing criteria — without marketing spin.

The WorkWhileWalking store eliminates the hard work of piecing together walking workstations by combining best-of-category treadmills, desks and accessories into bundled systems offered at very competitive prices. Treadmills are typically made by athletic equipment companies while desks are made by furniture makers. Although some integrated treadmill desks are available, extensive product reviews and comparisons have shown that consumers can get the best value and performance by buying components separately. The bundled systems from WorkWhileWalking provide all the advantages of buying separate items from different manufacturers but with the convenience of single-click shopping.

Standing Desk Site Launched

For those not ready to step up to treadmill desking, the best alternative is a standing desk either as a transition or as a permanent choice. Height-adjustable desks are becoming extremely popular, and standing and working offers many of the same benefits as treadmill desks at a lower cost. “A standing desk is an important stepping stone for people who don’t feel they are ready to take the giant leap all the way to a treadmill desk,” Wiener noted. “Like treadmill desks, the interest in standing desks continues to grow rapidly and there are a vast array of products to choose from. Our product reviews and expert advice ensure that people have the best experience possible with height-adjustable desks, and are able to transition easily to walking desks when the time comes.”


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