Sit-Stand Smart Mat Review

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Sit-Stand Smart Mat Review

The Sit-Stand Smart Mat is an anti-fatigue standing mat designed by OiC Innovations (who also made the now-defunct Desktop Elevator desktop riser). OiC is sending us a Smart Mat to evaluate, and our team of experts will soon put it through its paces. In the meantime, here’s why we’re curious about how the Smart Mat might set itself apart from the rest of the stack.

Why You Need a Standing Mat, and How the Smart Mat Aims to Help You Use It

Standing mats are an essential addition to any sit-to-stand workstation to reduce fatigue and improve comfort. The Sit-Stand Smart Mat promises make them more convenient by making them less obtrusive.

According to the Smart Mat website, regular standing mats are difficult to use in sit/stand configurations because they get in the way when you switch from standing to sitting: some office chairs aren’t able to roll over them, and – short of moving your laptop and keyboard to a different part of your desk, assuming you have a wide enough desk – you have to move the mat aside with your hands to make room for you chair. Even if you haven’t just tracked in mud or dirt from outside, this can be an unappealing task. With the Sit-Stand Smart Mat, you simply slide the mat away with a nudge of your foot when you want to sit and pull it back out with your foot when you’re ready to stand again.

Naturally, we’re curious about the mat’s ability to be easily repositioned and will thoroughly evaluate how that core mechanism of the Sit Stand Smart Mat works. We are particularly interested in how well the mat matches our expectations for safe, secure, non-slip standing use while also letting it slide in and out of place easily. Of course, we also expect it to be as comfortable and durable as the standing mats it hopes to replace.

Our comprehensive review will be out soon, so stay tuned for it by subscribing to our monthly online newsletter. In the meantime check out our lab test reviews on dozens of existing alternatives in our Top Standing Mat Reviews round-up.


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