iMovR and Eureka Ergonomics Design Studios Launch the iMovR+Eureka Brand

iMovR is one of the leading innovators in the office fitness industry, best known for their top-rated, made-in-USA standing desks. They’re also known for their state-of-the-art treadmill deskssit-stand meeting tables, and a plethora of tech-forward ergonomic accessories. When it comes to standing desk converters, their three ZipLift models are renowned for their built-in ergonomically-tilting keyboard trays, and their Cadence line offers three of the most popular “hover” workstations on the market.

Now, iMovR has introduced a total of nine new standing desk converters in a unique strategic marketing partnership with Eureka Ergonomics Design Studios, a division of China’s leading-edge office equipment manufacturer Designa. The new models are being marketing under the iMovR+Eureka dual brand, reflecting Designa’s advanced engineering and manufacturing expertise coupled with iMovR’s industry-leading expertise in active office workstation ergonomics.

With fifteen desktop workstation models iMovR has now surpassed all other preeminent brands in the category, like VarideskErgotronErgoDesktopInnovative and Flexispot, in its sheer breadth of offerings and freshness of ergonomic design. The new iMovR+Eureka units also bring some long overdue lower-budget units to the buffet, with prices now ranging from $149 from their new Ultra-Slim Portable Sit-Stand Converter to $539 for their ZipLift Corner Standing Desk Converter.

While manufacturing all their full sit-stand desks in Michigan, iMovR’s standing desk converters, like 99% of all converters on the market today, are manufactured in either China or Taiwan. Unlike the typical commodity-oriented Chinese southeast Asian manufacturing companies, Designa boasts 150 talented engineers and one of the largest and most robotically automated manufacturing facilities in the industry. Their products have gained an immense reputation for clever design, quality materials and exceptionally precise manufacturing tolerances. Instead of relying on cheap labor, Designa has been building world-class expertise in robotic automation, with every part of the product built in-house.

As one of the bigger OEM manufacturers in the office furniture industry Designa has also designed and produced standing desk converters for companies like VariDesk and Steelcase. We’ve been lab testing a couple of dozen of these new iMovR+Eureka products in recent months and have to say we’re exceedingly impressed with the resultant quality and value of their products. Comparing similar products offered by these companies the iMovR variants are typically $100 to $200 less, in part due to the fact that iMovR sells customer-direct, not through a network of dealers.

You can see our round-up of all the iMovR+Eureka standing desk converters for more details on each model.

iMovR+Eureka Brand