WorkWhileWalking Announces Launch of to Track Legislative Initiatives and Usage of Treadmill Desks Within Government

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WorkWhileWalking Announces Launch of to Track Legislative Initiatives and Usage of Treadmill Desks Within Government

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May 31, 2013 – Seattle, WA – launched earlier this year as the first website to gather in one place all the information prospective treadmill desk users – as well as existing users – can use to achieve the greatest health benefit and productivity gains from the activity. The site was the first to provide professional, unbiased reviews of all the integrated treadmill desks, treadmill bases, standalone height-adjustable desks and various accessories specific to the treadmill desking application.

Today, the editors of WorkWhileWalking announced the creation of a new website – – exclusively dedicated to the tracking of legislative agendas to promote the use of treadmill desks in government. The site also aggregates reports of government agencies where walking desk workstations are already in use or being considered.

Treadmill desks have been proliferating within corporate America and in the home offices of America at a meteoric rate, with several hundred thousand already having been purchased or built by do-it-yourself types. Adoption within state, federal and other government agencies has been rather anemic by comparison,” says Ron Wiener, Editor-in-Chief.

Wiener adds “Some forward-thinking legislators such as those in Oregon have already grasped the fact that most government jobs are sedentary and that this has a deep impact on health care costs for government workers suffering the ravages of ‘sitting disease.’ They understand that investing in treadmill workstations could perhaps be the most cost-effective way over the long run to reverse a disturbing trend of declining health especially among overweight, obese and diabetic state workers, along with the commensurate increase in health care costs the state must bear for years to come.”

Politicians elsewhere, however, have promoted very uneducated positions claiming that treadmill desks are just another example of abusive government spending. The website aims to help those politicians see the light through presentation of facts as well as reporting on the results of early adoption by other agencies.

Employees of government agencies can use the site to post messages to the administrative staff of to help them collate information and report on the demand for and adoption of treadmill desks and standing desks within their own agencies.



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